Photo Diary: Fire at St. Jude (St. Lucia)

A fire on the night of September 9, 2009 destroyed St. Jude Hospital. Below are photos of what remain at that location. New buildings are being constructed at the original site.  Most of the structures are up.  But there are, reportedly, significant flaws and much has to be redone.  So, it could be a few years yet before the facility is functioning.St. Jude is presently functioning in the office and administrative spaces on the ground floors of the two stands at the National Stadium.  This stadium is about three miles from the original site.  It's cramped but working.

After the fire, St. Jude Hospital moved into the first floor of the football stadium in Vieux Fort, St. Lucia. Below are photos of the stadium, taken after St. Jude moved into this space .

Patrick Commiskey